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The Dennos Museum Center

Structurist Sculpture #5

Structurist Sculpture #5 Description: Painted Steel - 1987
Artist: David Barr, (1939 - 2015), Novi, MI
Location: Aero Park Campus - Auto Tech Facility

About the sculpture
Artist David Barr says he created Structurist Sculpture #5 by "flinging color and form into space and, paradoxically, ordering it according to nature's structural intimacies. He developed this art form by subdividing golden mean rectangles into segments of the logarithmic spiral. Both the positive and negative segments were then constructed into alignments of the spiral that structurally intersect in a playful configuration. "The color/form evolves from static rectangles characteristic of ‘human' order into organic spiral relationships that express energy, trauma, change and growth in constructive celebration," Barr explains.

About the artist
Barr describes his work this way: "I invent passionate ‘flowers,' ‘crystals,' ‘landscapes,' which do not presume to compete with nature but which endeavor to achieve a parallelism to nature — as an airplane is parallel to a bird. This artistic process is not intended to mimic nature's appearance. It is creation in harmony with nature's glory."

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