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The Dennos Museum Center


HoweverDescription: Aluminum – 1998
Artist: Clement Meadmore, (1929-2005), New York, NY
Location: South side of Dennos Museum Center, Main Campus

About the Sculpture
Clement Meadmore's repeated and characteristic use of geometric but fluid shapes reflects his training as an aeronautical engineer. Like many of Meadmore's mature sculptures, However consists of two basic geometric forms – square and a quarter circle – extended into space. The black, matte finish of the surfaces unifies the overall effect. However resolves the tensions between closed form and its extension into space, and achieves stability and balance while implying motion. Meadmore combined the geometric forms of contemporary Minimalist art with the expressive potential of artistic gesture derived from earlier Abstract Expressionism.

About the Artist
In the kitchen of his apartment, Meadmore built small maquettes no more than 30 cm long. If he saw that the maquettes had potential to be translated on a monumental scale, he had the work manufactured as large sculptures by a local fabrication plant. Meadmore once said: "My intention is to create geometric sculpture with the intensity of the best-modeled sculpture. I have three goals: to explore geometry's expressive potential, make the sculpture comprehensible from any viewpoint and to avoid the feeling of a front and back. I believe we have a natural sense of 3-dimensional form that is one of our most basic senses, having its own range of feeling as unique as our range of musical emotions. It is possible to evoke these feelings through geometric form."