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The Dennos Museum Center

The Dennos Annual Campaign

The Dennos Museum Center, every day, makes an enormous statement on your behalf. It says to visitors and newcomers, area residents and those around the world, that you live in a community that wants, needs and values everything that The Dennos does.

Museum and Milliken admissions revenue, Museum Store proceeds, and even annual giving and memberships do not provide enough income for The Dennos to operate.

The New Dennos Annual Campaign provides the additional revenue needed to keep the Dennos Museum Center at the top of its game.

What do you value?

Visionaries see a need, and step forward to meet that need. They offer short-term and long-term solutions. With so much to offer, and a solid and successful track record in place, the Dennos Museum Center invites you to make a statement about what you value.

The New Annual Campaign for the Dennos Museum Center will make an immediate impact by making possible opportunities for people from every segment of our community to experience what you have come to treasure about The Dennos.

Recognition opportunities

The potential to serve and/or reach people through The Dennos and its programs is enormous. Your gift can be recognized in a number of ways, from exhibition and concert sponsorships, to direct support of educational opportunities and "Free Days" throughout the year.

Contact us

For details on how you can help, or for more information about recognition opportunities, contact Museum Director Craig Hadley, at or call (231) 995-1055.

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