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The Dennos Museum Center
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museum manners

• Review the Museum Manners with everyone in your group before you arrive

• Introduce yourself to museum staff and volunteers when you arrive

• Adults should assist children with activities as needed

• Flash photography is not allowed in the galleries

• Cell phones can be useful for photos and videos during your visit, but can also be a distraction


Protect the Art

Visitors can help us protect the art in the galleries by looking and not touching. Even if our hands are clean they still pass oils to whatever we touch, which can damage the art. Please do not climb on art, including indoor and outdoor sculpture.


Please walk in the Museum at all times. Though sometimes we may ask you to dance!


We want you to participate and have conversations during your visit. You might even sing! Just make sure that you don’t interrupt anyone or talk over someone else.

Buddy Up

Whether your group is self-guided or on a tour, it’s a good idea for children to have an adult with them at all times.

Eat Before or After

Please dispose of gum, food, and drinks as you enter the museum, or store them somewhere safe for later!



(1) Preview the Galleries – Because some artworks may deal with social, political, or religious issues not previously discussed in the classroom, educators are invited to preview any exhibition before the scheduled tour.

(2) Bring Chaperones – One adult for every 10 students is recommended. Please keep your group with adult supervision at all times in the Museum. We suggest that you discourage parent chaperones from bringing toddlers and small children along as it is often distracting and makes it hard for them to fulfill their chaperone responsibilities.

(3) Create Nametags for Students – Please make large, visible, first-name nametags for each student to wear.

Thank you!

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