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The Dennos Museum Center
Photo of an educational performance at the Milliken Auditorium

Educational Performances

The Dennos Museum Center offers educational performance experiences that align with your curriculum. Educational performances generally include short performances, interactive sections with singing, clapping, or other activities, and discussion of the genre of music or culture of the performers. Program are approximately 60 minutes in length. All attendees are welcome to visit the Museum galleries to view exhibits before or after the performance, with proper chaperone guidance. Docent-guided tours are not available on performance days.

"I was so impressed that our 1st and 2nd graders were riveted! They loved seeing the dancers move together in different ways."


"We brought back so much to the classroom for discussions and further learning experiences."


Beginning August 26, call (231) 995-1029 or email to make your reservations. Payment is required to secure your reservation.


The fee for educational performances is $6 per seat, including students, teachers, and chaperones. Payment by cash, check, or credit card is required to secure your reservation. Groups that pay at least three weeks before the date of the performance will receive a discounted rate of $5 per seat. Pricing is based on the number of seats reserved. Refunds are not available for unused seats. Scholarships may be available if you are unable to cover the costs of your visit.

Video Content For Teachers and Students

While there are no educational concerts scheduled as of yet, our YouTube channel has plenty of educational videos available for use in the classroom. Conversations featuring artists who have performed on stage are featured here and here. In addition, our channel also contains live performances from spring 2021. A fall 2022 educational concert will be planned, but more details are yet to come.

JazzReach Presents Get Hip!

As a producing partner, the Dennos Museum Center is excited to share the first episodes in a new series from New York-based JazzReachGet Hip! Everything You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Jazz Music is a twelve-episode educational docuseries on the subject of jazz music that aims to cultivate a greater appreciation, awareness and understanding of some of the many facets of the art form that make it such a rich, vital, compelling and uniquely American musical tradition.