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The Dennos Museum Center
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Solo e Tutti: A Celebration of Community

March 12 — September 1, 2024

This exhibit is put on by Interlochen Arts Academy Visual Arts students.

Inspired by the musical phrases "Solo e Tutti," which translates to "alone" and "everyone," this collection of works offers a new take on the concept of community, reflecting the diversity of backgrounds that make up the students at the Interlochen Arts Academy. 

Each piece explores the distinct ways in which these young artists understand and contribute to the concept of community. 

As separate instruments contribute to an orchestra, each student's artwork emphasizes the value of individuality and collaboration in establishing and molding their sense of community. It provides an intimate look at how young artists from all over the world interpret community. 

While geographical distances often separate us, Interlochen students have discovered a new feeling of belonging in our community. The pieces on display demonstrate the powerful impact of belonging that transcends cultural and geographical barriers. 

The emphasis on personal and creative growth, embodied in the concept of Solo e Tutti, highlights the transformative power of the arts in forming individual identities and fostering a stronger connection to the world around us. This exhibition invites you to engage with the myriad perspectives on what it means to belong, connect, and thrive in a community that spans continents and cultures.