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The Dennos Museum Center

True Stories - Visions of American Life

The Dennos Museum Center has partnered with Here:Say Storytelling and the Front Street Writers to produce and record short stories to accompany the artworks in the exhibition, Visions of American Life. These recordings feature first-person, true stories told by teenagers that reflect on the topics and content of the exhibition and broaden the perspectives presented to visitors.

WARNING: These stories may present themes and topics that are not suitable for everyone. This includes references to puberty, sexual assault, and other mature content.

Art Bridges LogoProgramming for Visions of American Life is supported by Art Bridges, who focuses on sharing outstanding works of American art with those that have limited access to our country’s most meaningful works.


Garden PartyPhilip Leslie Hale, Garden Party

Story: Lily Garden by Caleb Mitchell-Ward

Story: My One-Time Experience as a Wedding Crasher by Jonathan Gregory



SchoonerFrancis Augustus Silva, Schooner Progress Wrecked on Coney Island

Story: It's Never OK by Cali Trowbridge


Great CaveThomas Moran, The Great Cave, Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior, Michigan

Story: Where Life Disappeared by Erin Evans


Decoration DayCarl Hirschberg, Decoration Day

Story: Honoring the Brave by Riley Kate Robinson

Story: Story by Shelby Brown


Snow FlurryGeorge Henry Hall, Snow Flurry

Story: Story by Emma Ryan


Interior with ChildrenSeymour Joseph Guy, Interior with Children

Story: Grow Up by Essie Schneider


Woman Picking FlowersJames William Glackens, Woman Picking Flowers

Story: Vandalizing Tissues by Jenna Ferris

Story: An Old Wooden Swing by Hannah Gregory



Still LifeJohn F. Francis, Still Life with Wine and Fruit

Story: Little Monster by Zoe Moseler


The ClearingHenry Ward Ranger, The Clearing

Story: Vengeance of Newton's Third Law by Joe Lyons

Story: Bee Sting by Jaylah Ferris

Story: My Sunshine by Jesse Martin

Story: Discovery in the Woods by Jacob Spann



Central ParkChilde Hassam, Central Park

Story: The Cabin by Athena Gillespie


Boys Hunting FoxWilliam Holbrook Beard, Boys Hunting Fox

Story: Story by Clara Kroll


CircusFrederick Arthur Bridgman, American Circus in Brittany

Story: The Grand Finale by Alida Carr

Story: My Acrobatic Days by Sage Campbell



Free SampleDe Scott Evans, Free Sample, Take One

Story: Should've Let Go by Reann Nelson


At the BeachFrank Hector Tompkins, At the Beach

Story: End of Period by Dom Williams