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The Dennos Museum Center

Lines of Light: Craig Tandy - Monofilament Sculpture

December 3, 2017 — May 25, 2018

Double Pull BeamCanadian artist Craig Tandy constructs complex sculptures with monofilament nylon that illustrate the properties of projected light, with an interest in creating a space through which the viewer can move. Tandy will install his dynamic work, Lines of Light, in the Zimmerman Sculpture Court transforming the space into a massive 3-dimensional study of pattern and structure. The exhibition will also include pedestal based versions of these projection sculptures, including Random Spots from the Dennos Museum Center’s collection. Craig Tandy has participated in more than 50 solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. He has also taught at UCLA, Oakwood School, and in his own studio in Traverse City. He currently lives and works in London, Ontario.