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The Dennos Museum Center

Myths and Mortals: The Mixed Media Sculpture of Sally Rogers

july16, 2017 - september 9, 2017

Sally RogersSally Rogers creates mixed media sculptures from glass, steel, wood, stone, and bronze. Her work ranges from architectonic abstract forms, to pieces that are more organic and representative. Both approaches reference human and animal forms, with accompanying narrative elements.

 The sculptures are not literal representations; instead they convey a mood, an idea, or a time in life, as a take-off point for exploring a range of human emotions. Rogers finds inspiration in the enduring mythologies of various cultures and faiths. She states: “Underneath the idiosyncrasies of specific religions and races, lay deeper truths and similarities that connect us more than they divide us. Many human experiences are shared or archetypal, and cross all boundaries of culture, race, religion – even time.” It is these universal emotions and experiences that Rogers seeks to convey with her work.