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The Dennos Museum Center

Andy Warhol: Silver Clouds

June 12 - september 4, 2016

Appropriate to celebrating our Silver Anniversary, the Dennospresents the art installation by pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987) called Silver Clouds. The exhibition consists of large helium-filled, pillow-like forms made from silver plastic film. First shown in 1966 at the Castelli Gallery in New York, the clouds float in a confined space in our Binsfeld Gallery where the helium-filled clouds move gently on fan-propelled wind allowing visitors to experience an interactive and blissful walk through a pop interpretation of the heavens. Warhol was known as one of the innovators of pop art, the 20th century movement that utilized the imagery and techniques of popular culture. The artist often used mundane objects from consumer culture as well as images of celebrities in his work. Silver Clouds is an example of his talent, creativity, and individual style. Billy Kluver (1927-2004), an engineer by education and Warhol's close friend, designed the clouds using a then-new plastic film called Mylar. The exhibition is being produced in cooperation with the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.