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Prints of Andrew Qappik

Andrew Qappikoctober 15 - december 17 2012

Andrew Qappik is well-knows throughout the Canadian Arctic for his design of the flag for Nunavut as well as the territory’s coat of arms and official logo.  He was born in a camp 40 miles from the east Baffin Island settlement of Pangnirtung, but his family moved into the community when we was a young child. His first prints were published in the 1978 Pangnirtung annual collection when he was only 14…and they have been included in every Pangnirtung print collection since.  From 1978 to the present he has mastered the printing techniques of stonecut, stencil, etching, and lithography. Recently he has explored the use of oils. Having been born on the land, Andrew has a special affinity for the traditional Inuit way of subsistence. Favorite subject matters include animal life, family, and childhood play.


Food For Thought, 2004, stencil