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HamiltonAfrican Wood Carver Helping Those In Need

Hamilton Banda is a Malawian carver and philanthropist whose work is sold here at the Dennos Museum Store. For years, he and his church have been running a home for disabled people in Ndirande, a high-density suburb of Blantyre, Malawi. Hamilton recently started a support group, the Tidzalerana Club, for the parents and family members of the disabled residents. The club currently has 150 members, with a waiting list of 15. They have been meeting in a hall at a local Catholic church for free, but have recently been asked to find a new meeting place. Fees for renting space are exorbitant, so Hamilton and the Tidzalerana Club want to build their own space.

The average income in Malawi is $1 per day. By purchasing Hamilton's work in the Dennos Museum Store, you are contributing to his philanthropic endeavors and aiding his efforts to help people in his community. From the sale of his work, we have been able to send him up to $2,000 in a year. Consider buying his work for someone special.

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